Fairness & RNG Testing Methods

Gaming license

This license consists of strict rules that every player should follow diligently in order to enjoy a peaceful and secure gaming environment.

Security measures

Independently audited games

Through our licensing, our games are independently controlled by a third party. This means that all the games offered by us are fair and that you can see the payback percentage available for each game. Specifically, it's the RNG (Random Number Generator) that is tested which ensures that there is no manipulation by the company or the customer.



Our site uses HTTPS which is a more secure version of the old standard network protocol HTTP. This enables you to see that the pages are authentic and ensures that all payments and communication with us is secure. It's the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) that makes sure the HTTPS is secure and it's the protocol used in keeping your email, instant messaging, online shopping etc. safe from unauthorized people.

Why you can trust us

All of of our games are made available via Hub 88, a game aggregator. All of the games go through vigorous testing for security, fairness and RNG by third party authroised testing houses.